Property Management System

In the competitive hospitality industry, you need every advantage to decrease costs, improve profits, grow your business, and keep your guests coming back for more.


Profile Management

Our service delivery software arms you with in-context business intelligence, detailed guest history, preference profiles, and recommendations presented at the point of guest interaction so you can react in real-time.

Reservation Management

Reservation Management

Get advanced technology, from the reservation screen. You can create individual booking very quickly with flexible customization screen design.

Group Booking

Groups Booking Management

HMS enables you to create Group Booking and you can block room for their reservation easier.

Meanwhile, user can delegate multi reservations in the group booking also.

Time tracking

Room Management

You‘ll able to quickly make room configuration and you can add room attributes in the same screen.

Campaign marketing

Financial Management

You can cut costs, grow revenue, and streamline operations with the following accounting software that’s specific to hospitality departments, ledgers, and users

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As a hotel associate, you can perform the same functions on a hotel-owned Apple iPhone or iPad that you perform on a standard workstation, using the same HMS credentials and graphical interface.

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Device Interface (PBX, Key)

Control your revenue through interface, you can avoid lost them while check in and in house guest by process automatically between HMS with Call Accounting System and Hotel Lock & Access Control System.

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HTNG Interface (CRS, Booking Engine)

Get lower labor costs by as much as 6%. Whether you're part of an independent hotel, a smaller chain, or a global brand, with HMS you get scalable solutions decrease hiring employee to handle key in reservation to HMS.

Sundry Module

Sundry Module

Sundries are miscellaneous items that are available to guests for purchase. Some common hotel sundry items are toiletries, over the counter medications, snack foods, and bottled water. More...

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Event Module

An event is a planned social or business gathering that utilizes conference or banquet rooms at your property.