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  • Create targeted recipient lists and send personalized email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. The integrated CRM builds a customer database in the back ground to maximize your results.

    Automate Your Campaigns: Setup an automated campaign, delivering a highly personalized and professional looking email to any potential or existing customer. You can automate a string of newsletters to be send out at intervals, or even link the delivery to customer specific dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

    Complimentary monthly emails: Invent unlimited campaigns and send as many newsletters as you like. The number of newsletters included each month vary depending on plan level. Loyalty-driven newsletters: Automate a series of newsletters to send over a matter of days or months, based on the customers subscription date or an important date such as customers birthday. Targeted marketing: Tap into a build-in CRM database for targeted marketing lists based on pas orders, web form response and more.

    More then just click-throughs: Track customer actions after click-through to measure the true effectiveness of your email campaigns in addition to tracking open and click-through rates. A Range of newsletter template: Choose from a range of hundreds of professional email templates. A simple wizard makes it easy to select a list and send campaign to your customer base.


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